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Academic String Orchestra



Academic String Orchestra

ACADEMIC STRING ORCHESTRA is a place where most students will already be familiar with the full orchestra context of music making. It is here where the subtleties of music will be explored.

Technical challenges should be around that of an Honor Orchestra or All-State orchestra level. Mastery of advanced bowing techniques, and the playing in upper positions on string instruments will be a part of what takes place in this orchestra.


A more advanced level of discussion regarding theory, history and musical styles is a part of Academic String Orchestra.  Tone production, intonation, dynamics, sight reading, phrasing are all areas that are addressed in this orchestra.  Sensitivity to the treatment of the melodic line and accompaniment passages are also discussed and worked on. Both original, unedited repertoires, as well as arrangements are played.  The goal of the Academic String Orchestra is to prepare, motivate and musically equip its members for the next level of performance demands required by the Premier Orchestra.  An annual solo competition for members of the orchestra is conducted each season. The winner(s) of the competition will perform with the Academic String Orchestra.  Please watch the video below of one of our Academic Orchestra Concerto competition winners.

Joseph Haydn, Concerto in G - Diana Yanovskiy, Soloist

Academic String Orchestra meets on Thursday nights for rehearsal 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Subject to change.

Rehearsals begin in September and continue through early May.

All potential members must audition for our programs.  See Audition Requirements.

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