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Lili Xue played piano since she was 6-year-old. After 10 years of playing, since Lili was in the boarding school in her high school, Lili gave up playing the piano. Lili enjoys classic music, and she believes music is the best way to relax for people with too many pressures nowadays.


Lili Xue majored in Human Resources Management for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. After graduation from college, Lili has been working in the field of Human Resources for over 18 years in multi-national corporations. In 2015, Lili’s family moved to the United States from China. And Lili keeps her profession as a part-time consultant.  Then Lili contributes more of her time to the family. Lili volunteers in the school, sports clubs, and Sacramento Youth Symphony. Lili’s younger son joined Sacramento Youth Symphony in 2020-2021. This program is excellent for kids who are interested in classic music. Lili is willing to contribute her time and passion to Sacramento Youth Symphony to share this fantastic program with more young musicians and families.

Lili Xue

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