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You Can Help!

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Join Club Dal Segno by committing to a monthly donation of $5 or more.

When you join Sacramento Youth Symphony's Club Dal Segno, you will join a special group of people reaching out each month to provide youth musicians with the resources needed to sustain their musical education.  By setting up a monthly donation, you ensure that Sacramento Youth Symphony will have a stable source of revenue throughout the year. Together, we can support youth musicians by contributing to scholarships, guest artist fees, special programs and more.  

Even a Small Donation Can Make a Big Impact!

Here is how $5 helps Sacramento Youth Symphony. 

  • $5 buys one ream of copy paper which provides music copies to 50 students.

  • $5 provides music instruction for one hour for a student in Overture Strings.

  • $5 buys one replacement string for a student.

  • $5 provides electricity to our Business Office for one day.


Imagine the Potential of a Larger Donation.


Here is how a larger donation could help Sacramento Youth Symphony. 

  • $100 covers the cost of one sectional coaching.

  • $250 provides two new instruments for our Overture Strings Program.

  • $500 provides a scholarship to a student of need.

  • $1000 covers the cost of new music purchases for one year.

  • $5000 covers the cost to produce an Academy of Music concert.

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