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Program Book Support

Sponsor the SYS through our Concert Programs


Do you have a business? If so, please consider sponsoring the SYS through our concert programs.


PREMIER OCHESTRA - November 10, February 1, April 12
ACADEMY OF MUSIC- October 27, February 2, April 6, May 5


Full Page: 600 X 800 px 
Half Page: 600X 400 px

Logo Only: 200 x 200 px 

Supported file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, (PDF may be submitted to us for conversion)

Max file size: 5 MB

Image Width: 600 px

Resolution: 150 - 300 dpi

All programs placements include free full color and link to business website.

Animated GIF available at extra charge

Marcee Knezevich, Business Manager
3443 Ramona Ave., Suite 22, Sacramento, CA 95826
p. 916.731.5777 | f. 916.736.3874 |

Your business will be featured in all our concert programs for the season, reaching at least 5000 people.   Our conductors and staff have planned an exciting season of concerts with our Premier Orchestra, Academic String Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Classic Orchestra, as well as our Vivace and Prelude Strings groups. This year we have over 200 students enrolled in our ensembles.


Our concert dates are listed on the Sponsor Agreement Form.


Contact or Business Office if you have any questions about your sponsorship with the Sacramento Youth Symphony. 



Digital program order form

Choose your sponsorship placement
Full Season - 7 concerts Full Page1000
Full Season - 7 concerts Half Page500
Full Season - 7 concerts Logo + link only250
Single Series - Full Page350
Single Series - Half Page175
Single Series - Logo + link only90
Concert Series

Please Contact Us With Any Questions.

Sacramento Youth Symphony, 3443 Ramona Avenue, Suite 22

Sacramento, CA 95826-3833

Tel: 916-731-5777

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