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Auditions Requirements

Step 1. Pay Application Fee ($40)

Step 3. You will receive you audition time by May 3rd at the email address listed on your application.

Step 6. Accept your position and set up your payment plan - priority registration period July 1 - July 10.

OPEN AUDITIONS Each year, 400 children and youth audition for membership in SYS. Candidates are auditioning for a position within the entire SYS organization not for a specific orchestra or ensemble.  Musicians are scored and ranked against other musicians who audition in our blind audition process and are placed accordingly.  Entry to our orchestras and ensembles are based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to: meeting minimum criterion for a given orchestra, ability (as determined by open audition score), the difficulty of repertoire selected, and previous attendance if applicable. There are often a limited number of spots within each ensemble. Musicians with the highest overall scores for each instrument are placed first.

SYS has established minimum audition requirements (see below) for each instrument including scales and suggested repertoire. Please examine these requirements and share them with your child’s music teacher. He or she can help you determine if your child is ready to audition for membership with SYS. Musicians hoping for our higher level orchestras should prepare material consistent with that orchestra or ensemble and that meet the requirements for that level.


Musicians should be prepared to present the required scales and a music selection (solo) for Open Auditions. There will also be a required sight-reading selection (standard or advanced) given on the audition date. 


Scales will be judged on types of scales presented, tone, tempo, intonation, and evenness. Prepared solos will be judged on tone & vibrato, rhythm, technique, intonation, and musicianship. Sight-reading will be judged on rhythm, note accuracy, and musicianship.

Step 2. Complete Audition Application.

Follow the link found on your payment receipt. The email receipt will come from POWR.

Students must re-audition each year to maintain membership.

Each instrument has minimum audition requirements for consideration at each level.  Click on your instrument below to look at the requirements. Presenting minimum requirements does not guarantee placement at the desired level.

Step 5. Wait for Audition Results - Announcements via email 

Step 4. Attend Open Auditions at your scheduled time.

Audition Applications for our 24-25 season are due by April 26th.

SYS021324 (120).jpg
Harp (contact office)

Open Auditions for the 2024-2025 season will held at CSUS, Capistrano Hall. 

Auditions will be May 18-19 and May 25-26. 

Please contact Robert Vann, General Manager at: or call (916) 731-5777 for more information or for possible mid-season audition (depending on availability).


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