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Registration Rates  (updated 04.06.22)

A DEPOSIT $100.00 and $5.20 REGISTRATION FEE IS REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION FOR ALL MEMBERS (Including those applying for tuition assistance)

All payment plans will be run through our registration system: Active Network.  


Prelude & Vivace Strings: 

$100 deposit +$125 per month on 8 month payment plan (Total tuition is $1100.00)


Classic Orchestra:

$100 deposit + $140 per month on 8 month payment plan (Total tuition is $1220.00)


Academic Orchestra/Symphonic Winds: 

$100 deposit + $150 per month on 8 month payment plan (Total tuition is $1300.00)


Premier Orchestra:

$100 deposit + $170 per month on 8-month payment plan (Total tuition is $1460.00)


If the same student plays in two ensembles, for example, Premier Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble then the family pays full tuition for the first ensemble and receives a special discounted tuition of $250 for the lower-priced orchestra/ensemble. 


NOTE:  Although we offer payment plans as a convenience to our members, tuition is not on a month-to-month basis.  All registered musicians are committed to the full season and are obligated to the deposit plus all eight payments. As we are unable to fill vacancies, your tuition payments remain due.  There is no discount for early payoff.  Please see our Member Handbook for full Terms and Conditions.

SYS is a vendor with: Visions in Education, South Sutter Charter School, Cottonwood Schools, and Inspire Charter Schools.  Vouchers/Purchase Orders may be obtained from these schools to apply toward tuition. Please call our office for further instructions.




Families with more than one child in the Sacramento Youth Symphony will receive a discount on tuition as follows…


1st child: Pays full tuition on the higher cost orchestra or ensemble.


2nd child: $250.00 automatic discount on the lower cost orchestra or ensemble


3rd and subsequent children: $250.00 automatic discount on the lower cost orchestra or ensemble + $100.00 coupon code to apply toward tuition (inquire with SYS office)



Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Information


Tuition Assistance is granted on a financial need basis. Partial or full assistance (up to 90%) may be granted.  We have limited Tuition Aid funds and assistance will be granted to students with the greatest financial need first.  Qualification for aid in previous years does not guarantee aid in subsequent years.

After you have auditioned and have been accepted to one of our programs you may apply for assistance. To apply for assistance please complete the program registration form and indicate on your form that you wish to apply for assistance.  Complete the associated financial questions.  We may contact you for additional information or copies of your tax returns to validate your need.  All registered students are required to pay the $100.00 deposit as well as the $5.20 registration fee.  Please choose the payment plan option.  Any tuition aid that you may qualify for will be applied to your account prior to the due date of the first monthly installment.  The deadline to be considered for aid is July 28th. Aid decisions will be made by July 30th.



We also offer a limited number of merit-based scholarships for new SYS Members who audition on oboe, bassoon, string bass, or any brass instrument and earn placement in either the Premier Orchestra or the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Contact by August 1st for details.


Parent Service Obligation

8 service hours are required per family.  Families who are unable to serve their hours may opt to buy-out their service hours at a rate of $25/hour. This buyout option is available at the time of registration and also at any point during the season.  If the Parent Service Obligation is not met by the end of the season, un-worked hours are billable at the rate of $25/hour.

Concert tickets

Member families will need to purchase tickets online or at the Box Office at the public rate. Children 10 and under are Free to most SYS concerts. We are no longer offering complimentary tickets to concerts with the exception of individuals who are receiving tuition assistance awards. 

The 2024/2025 season rehearsals will begin 

August 27th.


Tentative Schedule, Subject to change

Tuesday Rehearsals

Vivace  Strings              7:00-8:30 pm

Classic Orchestra         7:00-8:45 pm

Thursday Rehearsals

Academic Orchestra   7:00-9:15 pm   

Symphonic Winds       7:00-9:00 pm         

Premier Orchestra      7:00-9:15 pm


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