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Glissando Harp Ensemble

The Sacramento Youth Symphony and Academy of Music is proud to introduce our newest program - the Glissano Harp Ensemble.  This is a multi-level ensemble enabling young harpists to perform as part of a group as well as have performance opportunities with our other larger orchestras.

One of the biggest gaps missing from a young harpist’s education is a lack of ensemble playing and getting to know their peers.  Often there are not opportunities for young harpists to play in any kind of ensemble, whether it is chamber music or large ensemble, and develop a sense of community with other harpists and musicians.


The purpose of this youth harp ensemble is to introduce and give young harpists an opportunity to learn ensemble skills and build and foster a harp community in the Sacramento area.  Our harpists have multiple opportunities to play in an ensemble, whether it be a harp ensemble, symphony or wind ensemble.   Students also have the opportunity to meet other harpists, and young musicians who are devoted to learning an instrument like them.   


The Glissando Harp Ensemble is currently limited to no more than 12 musicians.  Auditions for the Glissando Harp Ensemble are held during Open Auditions.  Interested students should contact our office for the audition requirements for Harp Students.  

Glissando Harps meets on Tuesdays nights for rehearsal 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Rehearsals begin August 28th and continue through April 11th.

All potential members must audition for our programs.  See Audition Requirements.


Harp Ensemble

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