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Lien Hoang

Lien grew up in Viet Nam in a family of artists and musicians.  She came to the United States as a refugee in 1975 and continued pursuing her education while living in Massachusetts.  Lien graduated from Salem State University with a BS degree in 1979 and subsequently relocated to Sacramento.

Except for one year working at UC Davis Medical Center, Lien spent her entire career with the State of California.  She was a mid-level manager at the California Public Employee Retirement System when she retired.


Lien has two artistic adult daughters who play the piano.  

Even though her children were never SYS musicians, she joined the SYS Board of Directors in 2011 due to the love and passion she has for the organization.  


Lien also volunteers her time working as a resource counselor at the charitable Francis House (FH) center.  She was a member of the FH Board of Directors for years and has been with FH since 2005.  


Lien serves on the SYS Board of Directors and Foundation Board.

She has a soft spot for animals, loves music, and enjoys performing arts, traveling, and ballroom dancing. 

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