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Luisa Moya

Born and raised in the Philippines, Luisa Moya migrated to Chicago, IL in 1993 and pursued her Masters Degree at Rush University while working at the Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center. Starting a family there and eventually relocating to Cleveland, OH to work for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. In 2004, with the decision to leave the university and academic setting, Luisa decided to move to California and work for The Kaiser Permanente Medical Group.

       Despite no opportunity for formal music education in her childhood, she remains very interested in Strings instruments and taught herself how to play the guitar by watching her older brother. She has a daughter who plays the piano and the Cello and is a member of the SYS. Luisa is passionate about giving all children an opportunity to have music education as she considers it a gift we can give to the future. An SYS Board of Directors member since 2015, she hopes to be able to contribute to the success of our young student musicians. 

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