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Payment: Summer Chamber Music Workshop

Note: The deadline for Audition Sign-up for Summer Chamber Music Workshop has passed.  Late auditions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact the Business Office at (916) 731-5777




Total cost per student:


Week I /Preparatory Piano Program

  • Tuition is $225  for your first child

  • Tuition is $200 for your second child

  • Tuition is $180 for your third and subsequent children.









Week 1– Mentor Program

Tuition: $100 (to be submitted upon acceptance)







Week II

  • Tuition is $395 for your first child

  • Tuition is $350 for your second child

  • Tuition is $325 for your third and subsequent children.









Please note, for Week II participants, two tickets to the Week II “Concert in the Courtyard”  per family are included as part of tuition.  The “Concert in the Courtyard” will take place on Sunday, July 19, 2015, 7:30 pm at St. Anthony’s Church, 660 Florin Road, Sacramento 95831


Other Information: 


I. Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Information


Tuition assistance is granted on a financial need basis. Partial or full assistance may be granted. Application forms are available at the SYS office or online. If you have been awarded Tuition Assistance or a scholarship to SYS for this season by SYS or another organization, please indicate the dollar amount and who awarded the scholarship. 



II. Music Expenses


At the end of the workshop we require that all practice parts are turned in to the SYS office. Copyright laws  require that you return all music and copies of music to SYS.


III. Member Service Obligations


The Sacramento Youth Symphony is a member run organization relying heavily on members performing much of the preparation for rehearsals and concerts to keep costs down.


Each member family is encouraged to serve for 2 hours at various tasks ranging from rehearsal set up and break down, check in, and photography.  Each family contributes snack, fruit, drink for 15 kids.  Service hour opportunity sign-ups will be available prior to the start of rehearsals. Full Season members of SYS can apply their service hours to the coming season.


IV. Refunds of Tuition


All requests for refunds must be submitted to the office for review. After the registration deadlines, no refunds will be granted. Difficult or hardship cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


If you have chosen a tuition payment plan, your obligation remains the same as that above.Cancelling your payment plan subscription, or non-payment of any kind, does not relieve you of the tuition obligation above. SYS reserves the right to collect any unpaid tuition, including, but not limited to collections, if necessary.

(published 01/3/2013)


V. Fundraising


Fundraising is optional.


VI. Photo/Video/Recording Release


The SYS would like to use musician images to publicize our concerts and programs. If you approve of this use, please check the “Yes” button.: I/we hereby give permission to the Sacramento Youth Symphony to use photographs, videos and DVD’s taken during rehearsal time and on concert days for marketing purposes.


OR check the“No, I prefer to have my musician step out of any picture that might be used under this paragraph.” button.


The SYS would like to produce audio recordings and DVD’s to make available for sale to SYS membership. Occasionally, they may be for sale to the general public and broadcast on television. If you approve of this effort, please check the “Yes” button.: I/we hereby give permission to the Sacramento Youth Symphony to use audio and visual recordings taken during rehearsal time and on concert days for the purpose of producing CD’s and DVD’s.


OR, check the“No, I prefer that my musician’s image and music not be used under this paragraph.” button.


VII. Payment Options


Workshop tuition is due at the time of registration. If we have not received your payment within seven (7) days of your registration you risk being dropped from the program.


There are several choices for making payments for your workshop fees. SYS prefers payment in full be made, by check. Payment by check saves SYS from paying the credit card merchant fee of about 3% of your total bill. Make your check payable to “Sacramento Youth Symphony”. Please include your student name and SCMW on the memo line of the check.


Mail your payment to:


Sacramento Youth Symphony3443 Ramona Ave., Suite 22Sacramento, California 95826


We are still happy to accept credit card payments made via Paypal in full or installments using Paypal’s automatic payment service from your credit card or checking account.


VIII. Member and/or Parent or Guardian Statement


I/we, the undersigned, have read the entire Participation and Financial Commitment Agreement and understand my/our obligation and agree to the terms of this agreement as stated. I/we fully understand that signing this agreement commits me/us to snack obligation, tuition, and concert tickets as outlined in the pricing schedule for my musician(s).




Deadline for audition sign-up is April 1st, 2015


The SCMW process will begin with your payment of $25 via the electronic payment link below – checks cannot be accepted for audition payments. You do not need a Paypal account to pay through this system. After your payment is completed, Paypal will redirect you to our simple audition form for completion.  Your student will be assigned an audition time for either April 16th* or 18th, 2015.  You will be notified by April 6th of the day and time of audition. Once your student has auditioned for placement in a SCMW ensemble, you will be notified by May 1st, 2015 of their acceptance.  At that time, you will receive a link to register for the program. Registration and payment deadline is May 15, 2015.








Please contact Robert at our office at 916-731-5777 with questions.

*All piano players will be scheduled to audition on April 16th, 2015.  If you are unable to audition on this date please contact the office.


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