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Classic Orchestra

In CLASSIC ORCHESTRA, the focus will be on teaching wind, brass, and percussion players to play along with string players and vice-versa. This will be a brand new context for almost everyone in the orchestra. Therefore, exercises that increase awareness of this new experience will be enhanced by study of the repertoire to be performed or sight read.


Intonation is a great concern now because of the variety of timbres to be absorbed by each student.


Drills and exercises that increase student responsibility regarding intonation will be incorporated into rehearsals, including working on tendencies of intonation during crescendi and diminuendi.  Sectionals rehearsals will be offered throughout the year, as deemed appropriate by the conductor, who will also make the decisions on the breakdown of the sections.  Discussions and ensemble exercises that apply to meter, subdivision and watching will apply here as well for the benefit for members. 

Abduction from the Seraglio Overture - Classic Orchestra
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Slavonic Dance No. 8 - Classic Orchestra
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Classic Orchestra

Classic Orchestra meets on Tuesdays nights for rehearsal 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm. Subject to change.

Rehearsals begin in September and continue through early May.

All potential members must audition for our programs.  See Audition Requirements.

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